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Sgt. Reckless and her escorts at the ball

Look what came in my email the other day: Photos of the soldiers who took Sgt. Reckless to the Ball in her honor when she arrived to the United States.

Sgt. Elmer Cecil Lively (left) served as a Marine for 32 years. He fought during WW II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. When Sgt. Reckless was brought back to the states she was acting up and had eaten her blanket! Sgt. Lively got her a new blanket and took his own stripes and put them on the blanket. He got her off the ship and took care of her until she died in 1968.

Earlier this month, Sgt. Lively's granddaughter Michele reached out to me and said her Mom had some photographs of her father, Sgt. Lively, with Reckless. They provided the photographs you see below.

Thank you Michele and your mother for sharing these special memories.

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